Having worked from the USA to Uzbekistan and from Iceland to Dubai, the London born trainer is the epitome of an international trainer. Keith has the ability to connect with people from all levels of a company, be they board members or outlet employees. The wealth of cultures that Keith has worked with gives him the enviable ability so see and explain a point from a multitude of directions, this also goes for the companies he has worked with, be they pure telecoms, or their assorted providers. Having held a large number of trainings on cultural communication, this comes in very useful when helping service centers and operations that cross different cultural divides. “We never stop learning”.
Fields of Expertise in Training delivery: Sales attitude, B2B and B2C sales, Negotiation skills, Sales performance, Leadership skills, Presentation skills, Communication skills, Assertive Communication, Cultural Communication, Public Speaking, Customer Experience, Teambuilding, Efficiency and lean tea.