LARNING & DEVELOPMENT MULTICULTURAL CENTRE LTD is result of Enterprise Hub project developed by Wirral Chamber of Commerce through FSE – European Regional Development

We offer a wide range of solutions to businesses and government agencies, from needs analysis to goal setting, from developing concrete proposals to staff training and the introduction of new methods in the workplace.

LARNING & DEVELOPMENT MULTICULTURAL CENTRE has a strong presence throughout Liverpool and UK, consolidated by long-standing partnerships that make up our network of professionals ready to apply their skills and expertise to situations from across the business spectrum.

Training requires tailor-made planning in order to guarantee optimal development of professional skills.
Strong ties with local, national and international bodies, and especially with business industry, make LARNING & DEVELOPMENT MULTICULTURAL CENTER the ideal interface between educational bodies and the world of work.

LARNING & DEVELOPMENT MULTICULTURAL CENTER can call upon the expertise of instructors with strong business backgrounds. Our instructors work closely with professional trainers and together , using the latest teaching tools and methods, they guarantee that our training courses meet the needs for flexibility and dynamism that today’s workplace and markets require. Our courses are aimed at a wide number of different users from different background.
Our services cover three principal areas. We offer solution to the less-advantaged in the job market (unemployed people with no professional qualifications, workers whose education is not in step with market demands, workers who have been laid off or are waiting to be moved). We also offer solutions for further professional training for people who have followed the traditional educational path (university, high school). We provide small and medium businesses and government bodies with the right solutions for their refresher courses, and retraining needs, as well as guidance in change management for workers.

Orientation involves the development of systems that allow workers to identify their ambitions and goals and to set out their own career plans, bringing together the employees’ real aptitudes and the company’s needs.

In this sense, orientation is a life-long process.

To this end, LARNING & DEVELOPMENT MULTICULTURAL CENTRE endeavours to involve everyone concerned with individual workers as they progress along their tailor-made training plan.
This means that LARNING & DEVELOPMENT MULTICULTURAL CENTER actively involves family members, social services and community organizations, businesses, trades union bodies, local government, and associations or clubs of which the workers may be members.

The training courses take place in suitably equipped premises and make use of the skills of professional psychologists, teachers and human resources experts who develop courses and service based on individual trainee needs.

Training delivery

  • Sales attitude
  • B2B and B2C sales
  • Negotiation skills
  • Sales performance
  • Leadership skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Teambuilding
  • Communication skills
  • Customer Experience
  • Efficiency and lean team